Join my cocktail journey...

For my 18th birthday, I really wanted to serve cocktails with a wow factor, but a small budget meant I couldn’t hire a professional barman and ingredients were limited – basically to vodka! So, I went for adding the wow factor with colour. I made 100 vodka lemonades and added a dash of different coloured food colouring to all the glasses to make them stand out. They looked amazing and were a real talking point for my friends when they came into the party.

Just to show how much I have to learn - here is my first effort of making an Espresso Martini when I take over the bar on safari in Africa...

This has inspired me to learn more about making cocktails professionally and with flair. I'm pretty nervous about it because I’m not very artistic, I’m rubbish in the kitchen and I can’t juggle. At the moment, my skills and experience really lie in the drinking and not the making of the cocktails. This is obvious from my first attempt at mixing an Espresso Martini in the video below. However, I’m determined to learn because as well as being fun for parties, the skills will give me the freedom to travel anywhere in the world and find work doing something fun and sociable which also brings pleasure to other people.

Anyway, rather than keep it to myself, I have decided to film my cocktail journey as I learn from top mixologists and drink my way around the world's coolest bars. Hopefully, it will also provide inspiration to others to take on new challenges and follow their dreams.

Hi, I’m Alex and I’ve always loved socialising and drinking cocktails with friends at parties and bars. The choices, flavours and ingredients combined with amazing presentation make them an aspirational drink to die for! Nothing beats the artistic experience of a cocktail made by a talented bartender – you know the ones who pour the drinks from up high and flip the shakers and then carefully top it off with a perfectly placed garnish.


Get me to that bartenders masterclass!!